Drive-in Films Has Now Closed After 14 years of Serving the Drive-in theater Community

For a number of years provided the means to purchase great films from the haydays of the Drive-in theaters.
In 20006 this notice appeared on the home page:
Due to recent family death, personal health problems, and lab delays, we are suspending all 35mm sales temporarily. Those who have orders pending will get their orders shipped as soon as possible. We thank all of our customers past and present and hope to supply these films and more in the near future so keep checking back with us.

and then this notice appeared:
After 14 years of serving the Drive-in theater community, we are retiring from the 35mm film business. Thanks to all who have supported this business.
It has been a labor of love for the Drive-in for us and a pleasure dealing with all in the past.
If interested in any of our many thousands of feet of 16mm and 35mm film negatives for sale, please contact us.

Content is from the site's 2002 -2007 archived pages offering a glimpse of what  was available for sale.

We offer brand new restored prints from the best available original films from the 30's-60's. Many have not been seen in decades. 
They are printed on Unbreakable Estar polyester film stock and Low fade color for many years of use and at the cheapest prices for everyone's budget. Order your Intermission films today and put that classic drive-in intermission back on the BIG screen and get more snack bar sales than you ever imagined.....Don't let that screen go dark for one more show!!


Circa 2001


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35mm DRIVE-IN & Theatre INTERMISSION FILMS, Daters, and Tags... PLUS DVD's too!!

Yes, now you can own these great films from the heydays of the Drive-in. Have all your favorite Drive-in Intermission films available in 16mm and now in 35mm for your own theatre. I remember these as well as the features they accompanied - I was introduced to Batman in a drive-in and was motivated as an adult to seek out Batman paraphernalia and collectibles. That's when I found where they offer great deals on fab Batman shirts and apparel. If you're a Batman maven, this is the shop for you: This site also has a lot of interesting but little known trivia about Batman. For example, did you know that Andy Warhol was a Batman maven? If you're as old as me, you also probably remember these classic short interstitials and promos. Also check out the newly restored classic 35mm clocks for the DRIVE-IN theatre still in business. Have that classic Intermission back on the screen like in the good ol' days but on the new unbreakable film stock and low fade color. Don't forget the links to other great film sites too. Just e-mail me for more info or call evenings to talk. Check out the list of clips available now on the next pages. On-line Credit Card payments made easy for super fast shipping. Pay today on-line and films are shipped usually the next day.

Thanks for checking out my site. Come back often.

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Take a look at the 35mm & 16mm pages and see our great selection of restored Drive-in and Theatre Intermission films from the 30's, 40's, 50's, and 60's.
We are the ONLY company who can offer this HUGE selection of vintage Intermission films at top quality for the LOWEST prices in the business.


You can now view our on-line Video Catalog by clicking on the picture of the item you want to see on the 35mm page....

New Drive-in DVD's now Available
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NEW 35mm items
Available for the first time in decades....see 35mm pages for details

We have just added much more newly restored vintage films to our 35mm line And Many new Links to our LINKS page so take a look!!!!

We now ship exclusivly with DHL. We can also ship Express and Overnight if arrangements are made. Extra costs will be calculated at that time.

Due to the nature and rarety of these items, please don't expect shipments to be made the same day your order is placed unless arrangments are made in advance and Rush shipping is paid for.



35mm Drive-in "REFRESHMENT TIME" clocks


Well, the time has come to restock drive-ins with some old time Intermission films    from the past at a reasonable price. I have just made up a 5 minute classic Drive-in    intermission film and it is now for sale to everybody once again on brand new low     fade color Estar stock. It's "REFRESHMENT TIME" intermission and is now available    in 10 minute, 5 minute, and 3 minute versions.  You can also now buy the cartoons and    clock shell seperately. This is a very entertaining clock and at the same time getting     more business at the concession stand which is the whole idea. It is being sold     complete with heads and tail. Just splice it onto your feature head of the second film,     the tail of the first feature,or run it on it's own.  Here is a great classic clock for a    reasonable price that any drive-in can afford and run for many years to come so order    your  clock today and put that classic drive-in intermission back on that screen. These    prints are made special order so please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. E-mail me for    stills of these films or I can show them LIVE over the web.

And in stock Now!

562- "Take 5 with a Coke" Take 5 minutes and enjoy a Coke....Narration... :10....$7.

563- "GOODNIGHT" and now it's time to say GOODNIGHT.....B&W with fanfare music... :10...$7.

564- "HUNGRY DWARF" 5 minute complete Intermission clock RARELY SEEN since the 50's....vintage music track with naration while the Dwarf eats all the goodies available at the snack bar..Available in GREEN, BLUE, SEPIA TINT, and B&W (please specify when ordering).. $185.

565- "RODEO" 50's classic Snack bar Intermission musical cartoon... :30...$30.

566- "AND NOW on with the show" B&W tag with drive-in background and music track... :15...$10.

567- "PREVUES OF COMING ATTRACTIONS" marquee tag with music track... :20...$20.

568- "OUR FEATURE PRESENTATION" marquee tag with music track... :20...$20.

569- "DOUBLE FEATURE" marquee tag with music track... :20...$20.


570- "STARTS FRIDAY" marquee tag with music track... :20...$20.


This is just a small sample of what was for sale.



16mm Film Rejuvination

Yes, very soon we will offer film rejuvination for 16mm film. What does it do? Well this machine runs your film through a cleaning process then applies chemicals to each side of the film. These chemicals rearrange the emulsion of the film to fill in the scratches that defract the light and make the film look like new again on the screen. After the chemicals are applied, the machine dries off the film and when it comes out the other end of the machine and back to a reel, it looks like new again. This works best on those black surface scratches that most prints get over time fro usage and does not work on heavy digs and emulsion scratches that are white or yellow or green in color. This is a very safe and proven way of making those old prints look like new again. It has been used in TV stations, Libraries, and private film collections and proven over time to be very gentle on film. If you would like more info on this, please call me evenings or  e-mail me.

Join us for LIVE chat about Drive-in's and film collecting.



FILM TRAILERETTES-from the 50's in 16mm

What are TRAILERETTES? Well they are 10 second clips of black & white silent 
   film used back in the 50's to promote these films. They are also known as FILM 
   POSTETRS and HEADERS. They were used in the previews of coming attractions
   in place of a full preview and looked very much like the lobby cards or posters with the
   title of the film and the major stars names, most with pictures of them. Many of these
   films are hard to find now. Here are the titles you get on these reels...

Reel #1 for...$18.
Headline Hunters 
The Last Command 
The Green Buddha 
Top Of The World 
The Last Wagon 
The Search For Bridey Murphy 
Return To Treasure Island 
I-The Jury 
The Houston Story 
The Night Holds Terror 
Teenage Crime Wave 
Crime In The Streets 
The Scarlet Spear 
Desert Sands 
Treasure Of Ruby Hills 
Duel On The Mssissippi 
Tobor The Great 
Killer's Kiss 
Uranium Boom 

Reel #2 for...$18.

On this reel you get these titles...

Strategic Air Command 
Run For Cover 
Conquest Of Space 
Hot Blood 
The Mummy's Curse 
Black Friday 
World Without End 
Night People 
D-day The Sixth Of June 
The Man From Laramie 
Unidentified Flying Objects 
Bus Stop 
The Tell-Tale Heart 
Johnny Concho 
The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing 
To Hell and Back 
Black Tuesday 
A Kiss Before Dying 
17 Big Cartoons w/Bugs 
Earth vs. The Flying Saucers. 



35mm Intermission


We have suspended all 35mm film sales and our vast collection of 16mm and 35mm negatives and equipment are up for sale.


16mm & 35mm negatives, 35mm splicers, 35mm editor/viewer with optical & magnetic soundhead.
Items sold separatly or as a whole.
Call our Toll free number for details 1-888-891-1139

After 14 years of serving the Drive-in theater community, we are shutting down the 35mm film end of our business. The last day we are accepting orders is May 30th so if you see anything you want to order, NOW is the time to do it before it's gone for good. All orders placed by May 30th will be filled before we shut the film down so ORDER TODAY!!!

You can now view our on-line Video Catalog by clicking on the picture
of the item you want to see. Items with Video have a frame around the picture...

Call Us Toll Free: 1-888-891-1139

We accept these Methods of payment...
Cashier/Company checks, Money orders, Visa, Mastercars, Discover, American Express. If sending payment, please e-mail or call us for shipping charges and total. Credit cards only accepted through the site.

Due to rising shipping costs, we now ship USPS to keep costs down for our customers. We can also ship Express and Overnight if arrangements are made. Extra costs will be calculated at that time.

Please Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of special order films not in stock.
Due to the nature and rarety of these items, please don't expect shipments to be made the same day your order is placed unless arrangments are made in advance.

550-"OPTIGAN COLOR ORGAN CLOCK" 10 minute clock from the early 1970's restored from the original negative and not available for over 35 years. Now see and hear this GROOVY Intermission as it was originally seen with color organ music and flashing lights with plenty of food clips to make your patrons hungry....$299.



551-"Cartoon musical CLOCK" 10 minute clock chocked full with classic 1950's musical Intermission cartoons and 10 little Indians clockshell to count you down to showtime and make your patrons hungry for more snack foods. Included  cartoons are "RODEO INTERMISSION", "BUTTERCUP POPCORN", "COPS & ROBBERS", "JOIN THE BAND", "INTERMISSION QUARTET", "CANDY FACTORY", VISIT THE PLANETS", "CIRCUS INTERMISSION", and so much more. Very entertaining and effective.....a must have for all Drive-in's. $399.